Management Strategy

Sumitomo Corporation is a leading Sogo-Shosha* with around 130 offices in 65 countries, about 660 group companies and roughly 72,000 employees. Its products and services include pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, agrochemicals, veterinary drugs and other products in the life sciences field. Summit Pharmaceuticals International is a core company in Sumitomo Corporation's medical science business line. Utilizing the unique global organization of a general trading group, we engage in business together with Sumitomo Corporation and its overseas offices and group companies.

Summit Pharmaceuticals International is a core Sumitomo Corporation Group company, belonging to the group's Medical Science Business Line. As such, we leverage global networks and specialized knowledge to provide high-quality, integrated services and products in the drug discovery and pharmaceutical businesses, addressing needs related to R&D to the production stage, as well as regulatory affairs and quality control. In the cosmetics business, we are involved with ingredient sourcing and original design manufacturing (designing, developing, and manufacturing products for sale under another party's brand). In these ways, we support the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, enhancing healthcare and beauty and contributing to the improvement of health and well-being and enriching lives.

* Sogo-Shosha
The Japanese word for trading company is "shosha ." "Sogo-shosha" or "general trading company" refers to a company that handles a wide variety of products and goes beyond simple product brokerage to participate in business from various angles, including project management, business investment and financing.

SPI provides full support to the pharmaceutical industry

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SPI provides full support to the pharmaceutical industry

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