Global Network

Summit Pharmaceuticals International leverages the global network of the Sumitomo Corporation Group to provide high-quality, integrated services and products addressing needs related to R&D to the production stage, as well as regulatory affairs and quality control, as a core business company of the groupfs medical science business line.

As the medical science business line companies, Summit Pharmaceuticals Europe (SPE) and Summit Pharmaceuticals China (SPC), which are subsidiaries of our company, formed group called the Summit Pharmaceuticals Group (SPG) for close coordination including marketing partnership, capital ties, dispatch of expatriates and trainees, etc.


  • Company Name: Summit Pharmaceuticals Europe Srl
  • Head Office: Milano (Italy)
  • Offices: Milano, Madrid, Dusseldorf


  • Company Name: Summit Pharmaceuticals China Ltd.
  • Head Office: Shanghai(China)
  • Offices: Shanghai, Beijing