APIs & Intermediates

Thanks to our advanced information collection capabilities utilizing our many years of experience and the global network of the Sumitomo Corporation Group, we are able to select the most appropriate partner from Japan, Europe, the United States, China, India, South Korea and other countries according to the customer's needs and product characteristics and provide support for procurement and contract production of APIs and intermediates.

Since the amendment of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in 2005, the environment surrounding pharmaceutical administration has changed drastically, and advanced function and quality are expected of trade companies like ourselves. At Summit Pharmaceuticals International, we are capable of selecting the most appropriate API and establishing API specifications and testing methods through analysis at our own API Laboratory. We also have ample storage facilities for imported APIs and offer extensive support to our customers by stocking APIs under GMP control.

For overseas manufacturers, not only do we provide information on things like the pharmaceutical system in Japan and trends in the pharmaceutical market but we also offer audits by experienced GMP specialists and provide on-site instruction and support for manufacturing control and analysis.

We also supply competitive intermediates to domestic manufacturers and enlist them to manufacture APIs as we aim to supply optimal APIs and intermediates that are truly competitive on a global basis.