Partnering Support

In recent years, it is becoming increasingly difficult for pharmaceutical companies to create new drugs. Strengthening the development pipeline by partnering with biotech companies and other pharmaceutical companies has become one of the most important strategies in order to continuously create revolutionary pharmaceutical products. We take advantage of the global network of the Sumitomo Corporation Group to provide various support services, in order to act as a bridge between pharmaceutical companies in Japan and other countries.

Pharmaceutical Licensing Support

We provide support services for licensing of promising pharmaceutical products, pipeline compounds, diagnostic agents and other products from biotech companies, pharmaceutical companies, universities, research institutes, etc. that we have independently explored, evaluated and reviewed.

For those overseas clients that desire partners in Japan, we provide a wide range of support services from preparation of introductory materials to selection of candidate companies, referral activities for each company, contract negotiations, contract signing and post-contract follow-up.

As part of the Sumitomo Corporation Group, we go beyond support for partnering activities to provide biotech companies outside Japan with comprehensive services by offering support for debt financing and supplying APIs / raw materials for products and, when necessary, providing support in the form of direct investment.

Drug Discovery Research Collaboration Support

Based on our many years of activities, we explore new biotech companies and research institutes that offer novel drug discovery technologies and possess cutting-edge research capabilities.

To those Japanese customers, which are pharmaceutical companies in Japan, we introduce the drug discovery technologies and new research capabilities of our overseas clients as new opportunities of contract research and research collaboration —we support the enhancement, differentiation and streamlining of drug discovery activities.

For those overseas clients, which are biotech companies or research institutes that possess drug discovery technologies and services, we provide a wide-range of support—from identifying the most appropriate referrals from our extensive customer network to engaging in referral activities, contract negotiations and post-contract follow-up—we help expand business opportunities in Japan.